Repairs and maintenance

Ungaro Swiss Kft. watch service

Our watch shop is located at Astoria in the heart of Budapest. We provide comprehensive services, which means that we not only sell but also services watches brought to our facility and our customers can pick their choice from a wide range of straps, which we fit free of charge. If the metal strap of the wrist watch you have just purchased or already owned needs to be adjusted to fit your wrist, we are also there to help you.

Our masters not only perform maintenance on mechanical wrist watches and pocket watches, but also replace batteries in quartz watches. However, services like these are also expected from a tiny watch workshop. We provide more than that. Good wrist watches are very valuable items hence owners tend to wear them for a long time but now and then they need to be overhauled because of scratches and dents that have occurred. Our clients may require that we polish or replace the glass, recondition the case or buckle, polish, chrome plate and restore other surface coatings. Following repairs, the watch is checked for water resistance and mechanical movements are adjusted with an instrument. Our clients will be happy to leave with their beloved and old watches as completely new.



  • repairs of wrist watches and pocket watches
  • battery replacement
  • strap replacement
  • water resistance inspection
  • glass polishing
  • case reconditioning (case and buckle polishing, chrome plating)
  • buckle adjustment

PRICELIST  Full Service:

Mechanical Movements:

Movement                                                                         12.000 HUF - 15.000 HUF
Movement + date                                                              12.000 HUF - 15.000 HUF
Movement + date + automatic/alarm                               20.000 HUF - 30.000 HUF
Movement + date + automatic + chrono                           35.000 HUF - 45.000 HUF
Pocket Watches                                                                      State dependent

Quartz Movements:

Movement                                                                            10.000 HUF - 13.000 HUF
Movement + date                                                                 10.000 HUF - 13.000 HUF
Movement + date + alarm + chrono                                    25.000 HUF - 30.000 HUF
Multifunctional watches                                                      35.000 HUF  - 45.000 HUF

Battery change                                                                    1000 HUF - 3500 HUF
Battery change + pressure test (from 10 bar)                    3000 HUF - 5500 HUF




You can contact our Service directly by calling +36 1 328 0078