How to buy?

Using our webshop


Browsing the webshop

Browse our webshop at your leisure, learn about our products and prices without revealing your identity, learn all the details without having to register. Our products are listed in categories. You can choose between the different categories from the store menu. There are multiple subcategories in each category, helping you find your bearings. Prices are gross prices, i.e. inclusive of the actual VAT.

Making a purchase in the webshop

Choose an item from the list of products and click the “To cart” button to initiate the purchase. Once you have put the item in the cart, you can proceed with the shopping.

Contents of the cart

Every time you place an item in the cart, or if you click on the small cart icon in the top line while browsing, the content of the cart is shown. At this point you can either continue shopping return to find new items, or delete the item from the cart. In every case the Store recalculates the total price of the items you wish to purchase. The number of items you can place in the cart is unlimited.

You NEED TO place the order from the cart page. Your order is NOT processed until you have provided the following details:

E-mail address: Important! Please give a valid e-mail address to an account that you use.

Your name, e-mail address, telephone number, invoicing details (name, address). Please be careful to provide the correct address (street, house number, town, ZIP code). Currently we only deliver to addresses in Hungary.
Telephone number: Please provide a telephone number where our customer service can reach you following your order to arrange the delivery. If you do not provide a telephone number, we can only reach you via e-mail, and if you do not check your e-mails regularly, or if your mailbox is full, WE CANNOT CONTACT YOU.
Please let us know if your invoicing and delivery addresses are different. Our colleague will contact you on the telephone number you provided if we have a question regarding the order you have placed. For this reason, it is important that you provide a telephone number where we can reach you.

If we are unable to contact somebody, and there is an issue with the order which requires arrangements, the order will NOT be dispatched until the arrangements have been completed.

The operator of the webshop will issue an invoice for every purchase, which includes the details of the product (name of product, VAT rate, VAT amount, net unit price, quantity, net and gross value), details of seller and buyer, payment details and, if applicable, the cost of delivery.

The invoice issued fulfills the requirements of the VAT Act and the applicable PM (Ministry of Finance) decrees. The gross purchase price is always displayed next to the selected item.

You can pick up the items selected and ordered through our webshop at the earliest possible time (within 1-3 workdays), but not later than 5 workdays, at the time arranged via our phone confirmation after you placed your order.

We will usually try to contact you in connection with your order on the next workday after you placed your order. This is why it is important that you provide us with a telephone number where we can reach you.

If you placed your order by accident or by mistake, you can cancel the order through our customer service on telephone or in an e-mail before 9 o’clock on the next workday after the order has been submitted without any consequences.

Orders are not processed at the weekend or on bank holidays. Orders received on these days are processed on the next workday.