General terms and conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCB) include information about the ordering and shipment of and the payment for products available in the webshop.

You must read our information notice before placing an order as order placement constitutes approval of the GTCB.

  • How the webshop works

Browsing in the webshop

You are free to explore our Webshop and get to know our products and prices without disclosing your identity and learn about the details without having to register. Our products are classified into categories. You can select the various categories from the webshop menu. There are several sub-groups within one single category to help you get around. All products are displayed with gross prices, i.e. inclusive of the current VAT in force.

Shopping in the Webshop

To initiate the purchase of any of the goods shown in the product list, click on the Order button. After you have put the products that you like into the cart, you may proceed with your shopping.

Cart contents

The contents of your cart always become visible once you have placed goods in it and you may at any time review it by clicking on the small cart button in the top row while browsing. At this point you can resume shopping, return to search for new products or remove products from the shopping cart. The Webshop will always be recalculating the price and shipping cost of the products that you wish to order. You are allowed to put an unlimited number of products into your cart during one single purchase.

You MUST send (post) your order from the shopping cart page. Your order WILL NOT BE processed until you have provided the following details:

  1. Email address: Important! Provide a valid and operational email account.
  2. Provide your name, email address, phone number and billing information (name, address). Please provide your accurate address (street, house number, city, post code). Currently we only ship to addresses in Hungary.
  3. Phone number: Please provide a phone number which our Customer Service can call to get in contact with you to discuss shipments after placing your order. Anyone failing to provide a phone number can only be contacted via email and if they do not read their mails regularly, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTACT THEM and their orders might be hold up.

Please indicate if your billing address and shipping address is different. If we should have any queries regarding your order placed, our colleague will call you on the phone number that you provided. It is therefore very important that you provide a working phone number.

If we are unable to make contact and have any question about your order that needs to be discussed, the order will NOT be sent until discussion has taken place.

You can also place your orders in the following ordinary form:

  1. Via email: an electronic message sent to containing details required for fulfilling the order: customer’s accurate name (the invoice will be raised to this name), accurate shipping address (street, house number, city and postcode) and a phone number which our staff can call to discuss your order (if the product ordered should be out of stock, etc.)
  2. Via fax: To fax number + 36-1-787-5491. This format is subject to the same conditions as those applied to order placement via email.
  3. Via telephone: +36-1-268-0337.

The specifications of the product purchased are available in detail on the information page of the specific product.

The operator of the Webshop raises an invoice on all purchases to include product information (Product description, VAT rate, VAT amount, net unit price, quantity, net and gross value), details of the seller and the buyer, payment information and cost of shipment, if any.

The product invoice raised complies with the liabilities set forth in the Act on VAT and the decrees of the Ministry of Finance. The gross purchase price is always indicated next to the product you have selected!

The products selected and ordered from our webpage will be delivered to you as soon as reasonably possible (2-3 working days), within a maximum of 5 working days and at a date agreed during our telephone conversation following your order.

We will call you about your order placed from the online interface on the subsequent day at the latest. Therefore it is important that you provide a phone number which we can call to contact you.

If you place an order by accident or in an error, you can cancel your order without any penalty by calling our Customer Service by 9 a.m. at the latest following your wrong order.

We do not process orders at weekends and on bank holidays. Orders received during these periods will be processed on the next working day.

Shipping methods

We do not charge for packaging when you make a purchase.

Shipping cost is independent of the shipping method selected and the place of the order. You can choose from the following options:

  1. Home delivery: this option is also available for our customers in and out of Budapest. Our courier services deliver the products ordered in a maximum of 5 working days after placement of your order. Shipment by courier services is performed between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on working days.
  2. Please indicate any special shipping needs (place of receipt, recipient, date of receipt) on your order.

Shipping rate of home delivery within the territory of Hungary:

  1. Free of charge
  2. Receipt of the products in person in our office: You may also come to our Budapest office in person and take receipt of the products ordered.

Address of our office: H-1072 Budapest Rákóczi út 4.-6. From Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

If you receive the products in our office, the shipment is performed by you or your proxy and no shipping cost is incurred.

Payment methods

Cash payment is possible when you take receipt of the goods. If you have requested home delivery, you need to pay the courier in cash when receiving the package.

In this case you will be issued a COD invoice, which you will receive separately.

You may also pay for the goods by wire transfer.

You should please notify our colleague of your intention to pay for the goods by wire transfer.

The following procedure applies.

Down payment by bank transfer

  1. You place your order
  2. Our colleagues check to see if we carry stocks of all the products, and if we do not, we will call you to discuss your order.
  3. If all the products are available, we will raise the invoice and email you the serial number of the invoice, which you need to show in the statement box of the bank transfer so that the package can be clearly assigned to and identified with the money received
  4. You transfer the money
  5. Once the money has been received (amounts received are checked early in the afternoon every day), the products are dispatched with the shipment method requested or they may be received in our office
  6. If shipment is carried out by courier, we will get in touch with you regarding the date of delivery of the package (handed over to the courier the next day)
  7. In this case you do not need to pay at all when receiving the package
  8. We will keep the goods for you for 8 days and consider your order null and void and close the order if you fail to pay for the package within that period of time.

By bank card: If you choose to pay by bank card when ordering the goods, your card will be read and handled through the terminal of CIB Bank.

Right of withdrawal

All customers have a right to withdraw from a purchase in 10 working days from receipt of the product subject to the following conditions:

  1. Pursuant to Government Decree No. 17 of 1999 (II. 5.) on Distance Contracts (the “Decree”), you are eligible for a so-called right of withdrawal (right to return the product) when purchasing through the Internet or by phone and you may exercise this right in any case with a few exceptions.
  2. Your request to withdraw from a purchase should be indicated in email, by phone, by mail or in person within 8 working days from receipt of the goods.
  3. We will immediately repay you the value of the goods if you return them in person. If you return the product by post or by courier, we will refund the money to the bank account specified by the customer in 14 working days from taking receipt of the goods.
  4. However, refund does not apply to the reshipping cost of the products, which is to be borne by the customer.
  5. In the event that the customer has put the product in use but not for the intended purpose, the vendor may request compensation for any defect, damage and deterioration of the product.

If the package is opened in the presence of the courier and the product is clearly damaged with such damage occurring prior to receipt of the goods, we will replace the product for you. In this case you can prove the damage with the report drawn up the courier.

Webshop operator

Cornavin Hungary Kft.

Phone number: +36-1-268-0337

Address: H-1072 Budapest, Rákóczi út 4.-6.

Company registration number: 01-09-862236

Tax identification number: 13572000-2-42

Date of incorporation: 13/09/2005

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Guarantee and warranty

We only provide guarantee for the movement of the watches that we have sold. External damage, buckles and straps are not covered by the guarantee. Water resistance warranty may only be enforced if the specified extent of water resistance is complied with and the crown cap has been used as intended.

In the event of any repair within the guarantee period, the customer may require under the guarantee that the defective product be:

  1. repaired
  2. reduced in price
  3. replaced
  4. may withdraw from its purchase.

1. Repairs will only be performed against presentation of a valid guarantee certification in 15 days as laid down in the Decree.  If the required part is not in stock and needs to be ordered from the factory from abroad, the period of repair will be prolonged accordingly. After the repairs, the watch will be returned fit for intended use without any deterioration.

2. The customer may require that the watch be replaced:

  • if the watch cannot be repaired within 30 days
  • if repairs result in deterioration
  • if the watch fails within 3 calendar days from the date of purchase safe for the failure of the battery.

The customer may elect to have the watch replaced with the same type of watch, or if this is not possible by returning the defective watch, purchase a different watch with the settlement of any purchase price difference. In the event of replacement, the guarantee period commences on the day of replacement.

3. In the event of failure the customer may withdraw from the purchase:

  • if the watch is beyond repair
  • if the vendor refuses to repair the defect
  • if the repair cannot be performed without resulting in a deterioration or a conflict of interest, the status prior to the purchase needs to be restored.

Quality certificate to wrist watches:

Pursuant to Joint Decree No. 2/1984. (III. 10.) of BkM-IpM, we certify, in our capacity as the seller, that the quality of the watch meets the following technical specifications:

1. Automatic, mechanical movement: +/- 20 sec/day

2. Quartz movement: max. +/- 20 sec/month

You may enforce your guarantee claims at locations and contacts shown in the Guarantee Certificate which you can find in the product pack.

If you have any queries, please call our Customer Service on +36-1-268-0337.

The distance contract concluded as a result of the customer placing its order is considered a written contract. The language of the contract is Hungarian.

The guarantee only applies to the failure of the watch movement or clearly visible material defect. The guarantee also includes free battery replacement during the guarantee period. In the event of repairs within the guarantee period, please make sure to have the watch repaired by the appointed service facility shown on the previous page otherwise the guarantee will become void.

The guarantee does not cover the metal/leather strap, glass and push buttons of the watch.

The guarantee obligation will cease if proof is furnished that the failure has occurred due to the following circumstances:

  • use against the intended purpose
  • improper use
  • tampering or improper intervention
  • improper storage
  • natural forces or other damages occurring after purchase
  • broken glass or buckle

If you follow the recommendations concerning the use of the product, the gold plating will remain permanently on the product and you can enjoy its luster and glitter for a long time.

  • Do not wear your watch while in the bath or washing the dishes!
  • Do not store your watch in the bathroom and nearby detergents or chemicals.
  • Do not wear your watch on skin areas on which you applied perfume, cream or body lotion!
  • Do not spray deodorant or apply hair spray on your watch!
  • Do not wear a bracelet or a watch chain next to your watch as it may damage and rub against the gold plating of the watch!
  • Remove any dirt from the surface with a soft, dry cloth and do not use abrasive substances or paste!


Water resistant:

The watch can be exposed to minimum humidity and vapour.

Water resistant – 3 ATM/BAR

Resistance to water drops, minimum splashes, rain and vapour.

Water resistant – 5 ATM/BAR

Moderately resistant to water, splashes, rain, vapour, washing.

Water resistant – 10 ATM/BAR

May be used for swimming.

Water resistant - 20 ATM/BAR és 30 ATM/BAR

200 m - diving without air tank

300 m - diving with air tank

You must not use or push the buttons while in the water or in the sauna.

It is recommended to check the rubber gaskets of your watch in every 2 years and perform an annual inspection on watches which are regularly used in water!

General information for owners of water resistant watches

  • Rinse you watch immediately after swimming or diving in seawater!
  • Always make sure to check that the crown is screwed in on watches having a crown cap (screwed winder crown)!
  • If the glass breaks, the watch will immediately lose its water resistance!
  • Never wear your watch while in the sauna!
  • Please note that improper battery replacement or other intervention will cause the watch to lose its water resistance and the guarantee.
  • It is recommended to check the rubber gaskets of your watch in every 2 years and perform an annual inspection on watches which are regularly used in water!


Brand names and logos used and displayed in the shop are only for the purpose of identifying the manufacturer and type of the product and are only meant to provide more comprehensive information. All brand names and logos are the property of the manufacturing company and are under copyright protection.

Automatic information

We automatically collect non-personal information about each visitor to our site such as the date and time of visiting the site, pages visited, type of web browser and IP address of the visitor. Our server records these details without a separate notice.

Arbitrary modification of the General Terms and Conditions of Business

The Webshop operator may arbitrarily modify these General Terms and Conditions of Business with advance notification to the users. Following entry into force, the modified provisions will apply to you when using the Website for the first time and regarding any subsequent orders.

The current version of the General Terms and Conditions of Business enters into force on: 31st March 2012